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"Research shows that individuals and organizations that believe they are meritocratic often have the poorest outcomes. That’s because when biases aren’t acknowledged, we can’t deal with them." – Managing Bias

Since publicly releasing their diversity data in 2014, leaders at Facebook have been vocal about the need to improve diversity. One way the company has proven its commitment to creating inclusive workplaces is by overhauling its unconscious bias training, requiring all employees to participate, and then making portions of the training available to the public. 

The public website, Managing Bias, includes six video modules, filmed during training sessions with Facebook employees, as well as the slides and references used in the videos. The modules cover topics like first impressions, stereotypes, performance bias, and the business case for diversity and inclusion.

“Our goal in in publishing a portion of our managing bias training is to achieve broader recognition of the hidden biases we all hold, and to highlight ways to counteract bias in the workplace,” the website reads. “We invite you to treat this as a framework for action.” 


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