The Program Facilitator plays a key role in helping Pathfinders connect what they’re learning during their program year to the organizations in which they work. Whenever possible, the Facilitator may be an LCLD Alumnus who uniquely understands the work of LCLD and the experience we hope the Pathfinder will have during their program year.

Role of the Program Facilitator

Program Facilitators work to ensure that the Pathfinder curriculum is made relevant to the Pathfinder’s workplace and that Pathfinders have a smooth and successful experience in the Pathfinder Program. LCLD Pathfinders interact frequently with their Facilitator over the course of their Pathfinder Program experience. All Program Facilitators are invited to introductory webinars ahead of program commencement to discuss in more detail what the role entails. Learn more by reviewing the Program Facilitator Guide.

LCLD stays in contact with Program Facilitators throughout the course of the program and provides all the necessary resources that Facilitators need to be effective in the role. However, the Program Facilitator is selected by the Pathfinder’s organization. Whenever possible, the Program Facilitator should be based, at least part of the time, in the same office location as the Pathfinder.

Program Facilitator Check-In Calls

Monthly Program Facilitator Check-In Calls are an opportunity for you to connect with LCLD and other Program Facilitators to hear updates on what is being offered to Pathfinders as well as to ask questions and discuss any challenges you’re facing in your role as Program Facilitator. Click here to register for the calls. All calls are optional.

Pathfinder Online Learning: E-Module Portal

There are four Pathfinder E-Modules on topics of Sponsorship, Goal Setting/ Career Management, Shielding Against Bias, and Time Management. E-Module content is launched each spring following the Pathfinders' first class meeting. Each e-module will include an e-learning segment, several action assignments, and additional optional readings and podcasts. Pathfinders and Program Facilitators will receive reminder emails as the e-modules are assigned throughout the year. Pathfinders will also coordinate calls with their Peer Circles to discuss program materials. Please note that while Program Facilitators are given access to view the e-modules and associated assignments, you are not required to complete the e-modules/assignments.

If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns about the program or your Pathfinder’s participation in it, please contact Sarah Alexander, Pathfinder Program Manager.