To get the full LCLD Pathfinder experience, Pathfinders are strongly encouraged to attend both full Class Meetings. Historically, these meetings are held in person; for 2022, the first meeting will be held virtually and the second meeting will be held in-person, barring any new COVID-19 developments.

Class Meetings focus on leadership development and relationship building, and include panel and guest speaker presentations, small group discussions, Peer Circle exercises, and networking opportunities. Leadership training at full class meetings focuses on the development of self-awareness, as well as management skills and emotional intelligence.

For a better understanding of the content covered at these meetings, please see our archived meeting agendas below.

Pathfinder Meeting Agendas

2021 Pathfinder Meetings

2015-2020 Pathfinder Meetings

For more information, please reach out to Sarah Alexander, Pathfinder Program Manager, or Kelsey Thompson, LCLD Events Manager.

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