Launched in 2011, LCLD's landmark Fellows Program works by identifying high-potential attorneys from diverse backgrounds and setting them on the path to leadership of their organizations. Since then, the Fellows Program has grown to include a vigorous Alumni Program.

The LCLD Fellows Program is an ambitious, highly structured training program designed to build relationships and leadership skills.

During his or her Fellow year, each honoree embarks on a learning program that includes in-person conferences, training in the fine points of legal practice, peer-group projects to foster collaboration and build relationships, and extensive contact with LCLD’s top leadership, including the managing partners and general counsel who host the Fellows for Learning Experiences and Leadership Lunches.

Our goal is to produce a generation of attorneys with strong leadership and relationship skills who are committed to fostering diversity within their individual institutions and the profession at large. Each class of Fellows also serves as mentors to those who follow.

To learn more about the Fellows Program, including selection criteria, fees, and more, please read the resources linked to the bottom of this page, or contact Nichole Velasquez.

LCLD Fellows Photo Gallery