Director, President, Richards Layton & Finger 

When Doneene Keemer Damon made Partner at Richards Layton & Finger, she was the first African-American woman to do so at a major Delaware law firm; when she became President of the firm in 2019, she was once again the first African-American woman to take that role. Doneene is also an active leader with the American Bar Association, sitting on the Editorial Board of The Business Lawyer and serving as Co-Chair of the Committee on Corporate Director Diversity.

Doneene also believes strongly in talent development, and sees it as critical to the retention of diverse attorneys: "I think one of the reasons why our associates come to work with us and stay is because we do invest in them... I am 100% focused on professional development internally at the firm." 

In addition to promoting and supporting diverse attorneys like Doneene, Richards Layton has a women's initiative that provides resources and community for female attorneys.  

Joined LCLD 2020 


1L Scholars:

Quintessa Davis, Nurlan Orujlu, Ada Ohanenye


Annual Meeting (2020)

Member: Doneene Damon 

Diversity Professional: Danielle Nowaczyk