Co-Managing Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP


Brad Brian is a complex civil and criminal litigator and a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers. He is former president of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and Chair of the RAND Institute for Civil Justice. Brad also received the Maynard Toll Award from the Legal Aid Foundation for outstanding public service. 

Munger, Tolles & Olson has won several awards for its inclusion of women, due in part to a robust women’s initiative that provides events, a library of resources specifically for women lawyers, and strong work-life policies. The firm also has a variety of pipeline programs, including partnerships with For People of Color Inc., the UCLA Law Fellows Program, and the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues. 

Joined LCLD 2009

Highlights of LCLD Participation

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated:
2019: George Fatheree; 2018: Anjan Choudhury; 2017: Miriam Kim; 2016: Achyut Phadke; 2015: Martin E. Estrada; 2012: Katherine K. Huang; 2011: Joseph Ybarra

Pathfinder Program
Pathfinders selected:
2019: Sheila Ongwae, Elia Herrera; 2018: Kuruvilla Olasa, Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison; 2017: Wes Burrell; 2016: Karen Lorang

1L LCLD Scholars Program
Scholars hosted: 
2017: Rhoda Hassan, Andrew Nguyen, Saul Ramirez; 2016: Andrew Francisco, Ike Ikeme; 2015: Bilal A. Malik, Honieh O.H. Udenka; 2014: Michael C. Baker, Margarita Botero, Justine S. Coleman; 2013: Jerel Dawson, Keith James, Mary Kwon, Robert Niles, Ifeanyi Victor Ojukwu, Matthew Verdin; 2012: Christina N. Coutu, Elizabeth M. Mak, Brionna N. Ned, Cindy C. Unegbu

Success in Law School Mentoring Program
Mentors provided: 2016 

Annual Meeting (2017, 2016, 2015)


Members: Brad Brian, Sandra Seville-Jones 

Diversity Professional: Mark B. Helm, Joanne Villanueva

Communications: Jennifer Mir