LCLD values its relationships with you, the Law Firm and Corporate Diversity Professionals working hard to support our programs within our Member organizations.

To support you further, we also host a quarterly Diversity Professionals conference call in which we provide information on our action programs and give you an opportunity to ask questions and provide us with feedback on your participation experiences. Read minutes from the latest call in the "Resources" section below. We've also attached some useful reference materials at the bottom of this page related to our Programs.

We recently hosted our Corporate Diversity Professionals for the inaugural Action Roundtable in Chicago, IL. And later this year, in October, we hosted a Diversity Professionals gathering at the LCLD Annual Membership Meeting.

The LCLD Weekly News Digest, originally developed for the LCLD Board of Directors, is now available to all members of the LCLD community. If you would like to receive weekly resources on diversity and inclusion, as well as news about LCLD Members, contact Caitlin Puffenberger, Communications Specialist. 

And finally: WHAT'S WORKING in your organization to build diversity and inclusion? Lori Lorenzo, LCLD Program Director, would like to hear from you!

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