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Build Sustainable Partnerships

Most early-career attorneys (and the programs that support them) focus on making partner. They’re less prepared for the unique set of challenges facing new partners – that’s where Sustainable Partnership comes in.

The Sustainable Partnership Program is designed to help Fellows Alumni build the networks and skills necessary to succeed as new partners. It’s also a way to connect leading in-house counsel with a talented group of diverse law firm lawyers. 

“A group of in-house LCLD Fellows Alumni wanted to think about how Member companies can impact the business trajectory of Fellows who are new to partnership at their firms – in particular, how they can build a book of business,” said LCLD Program Director Lori Lorenzo. “So we’re creating a platform of influential networks.” 

A regional effort, the program was spearheaded by LCLD Members and a group of Fellows Alumni at Fannie Mae, Lockheed Martin, and Scripps Networks Interactive, and draws on Fellows in the Washington, D.C. area. The general counsel at these organizations are committed to interacting with, advising, and supporting the group of Fellows, who have made partner in the last 4-6 years. 

The first Sustainable Partnership event was held in Washington, D.C. and featured remarks from LCLD Members Brian BrooksMaryanne Lavan, and Cynthia Gibson (pictured above with LCLD President Robert Grey); a coaching session on the importance of building relationships; and business development advice from senior partners and corporate counsel. 

“A successful partner creates leverage, and doesn't focus narrowly on billable hours,” said Brooks during the GC panel. “This program is designed to help you build the relationships, which in turn drives business development and provides a platform for both building that leverage and demonstrating your skills as a team leader.” 

The kick-off event will be followed by a series of relationship-building interactions including networking events, CLEs, and another large group event.

With its emphasis on influential relationship building in small group settings, the Sustainable Partnership Program was designed to be replicated in other markets. If you are interested in creating a Sustainable Partnership Program in your region, contact Jennifer Denton.

For more information on the Washington, D.C. program, contact Kenneth Perry, Deputy General Counsel at Fannie Mae. For a run-down of the second Sustainable Partnerships meeting held in November of 2017, click here.


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