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Thrive in Your Pathfinder-Facilitator Relationship

Before starting LCLD's Pathfinder Program, Jessyca Deesing and Lisa Konie had never met. Now, Lisa is Jessyca's biggest cheerleader. 

Program Facilitators are a key component of the LCLD Pathfinder Program, helping Pathfinders put the concepts and tools they gain throughout the program into daily practice. While LCLD helps establish that initial connection, it takes a personal commitment from both Pathfinders and Facilitators to enhance the impact. 

LCLD spoke with Jessyca Deesing, a 2016 Pathfinder and Legal Counsel at Adobe Systems Inc., and Lisa Konie, Program Facilitator and Senior Director of Legal Operations, about how they made the most of their relationship. 

For Facilitators


Be engaged with your Pathfinder, and with LCLD.

“I make sure I’m reading the emails and am prepared to have the conversations with Jessyca, and I put things on my calendar, even if it’s just a note to drop Jessyca an email,” Konie said. “I wanted to make her feel supported throughout the program, and make sure that I was as present as I could be.”

“Lisa is always there as my coach, and it’s a very different experience because of her dedication,” said Deesing. “Since the program ended, she’s continued to help encourage me to take control of my career.” 

Find ways to strengthen your relationship.

“I went to Dallas [for the Second Pathfinder Meeting] because Adobe was going to host the Pathfinder Program here in 2017,” Konie said. “But it was also a wonderful opportunity to bond with Jessyca. When you take it a step further, it really helps solidify that bond.”

Remember this isn’t about you, it’s about your Pathfinder.  

“If you truly don’t have the time to commit, you shouldn’t be doing it,” said Konie. “Think about someone else you work with who might enjoy the opportunity.”

For Pathfinders


Be honest. 

“Your Facilitator can’t help you if you put this façade up. Let yourself be a little bit vulnerable,” said Deesing.

Ask your Facilitator to hold you accountable.

“At the first Pathfinder meeting, I heard advice from several panelists about needing to get out of your comfort zone to excel,” said Deesing. “I internalized that and committed to Lisa that I had internalized it, and now any time there’s an opportunity that’s uncomfortable I try to jump on it. Lisa is my cheerleader.”  

The Impact

“Being a Facilitator was a natural fit for me,” said Konie. “What brings me joy is working closely with other folks coming up through their careers and being a sounding board and mentor.”

Konie’s advice and encouragement helped Deesing decide to request a meeting with her managers about career development – with a big payoff: “Partially as a result of that conversation, I’ve been given additional responsibilities. I will soon start managing my first person ever, and my primary goal is to help people succeed the way Lisa has helped me.” 

To learn more about the Pathfinder Program, contact LCLD Program Manager Erin Hess 


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