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Paul Hastings LLP worked with corporate clients and legal publications to share solutions to some of the most common barriers to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. 

In partnership with GC Magazine, Paul Hastings published General Counsel Diversity and Inclusion Report US 2017 to examine how in-house counsel in the U.S. are taking innovative action to advance diversity and inclusion within their own organizations and across the profession.

To build the report, the firm selected general counsel they knew were committed to diversity (about half of whom were firm clients), and the magazine carried out the interviews. Several of the GCs interviewed are also LCLD Members. 

According to these general counsel, their efforts focus primarily on three areas: increasing the pipeline of diverse talent, supporting the advancement of more diverse candidates into leadership roles, and using “the power of the client” to push their law firms and other suppliers to share their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“As the general counsel profiled in our report agree, while it is important to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion, now is the time for action,” said LCLD Member Greg Nitzkowski, Managing Partner and a member of the Diversity Committee at Paul Hastings. “This report illustrates how clients are helping to drive positive change across the profession. It also makes clear the significant work that still needs to be done on the part of law firms.”

Following the report’s publication, the firm held two launch events, which featured panel discussions with the general counsel profiled in the report; the firm also invited general counsel from various industries to join the conversation. Over 100 general counsel attended the New York launch event, and Paul Hastings anticipates more than 50 general counsel at the Palo Alto event.

The report is the latest example of the firm’s focus on exploring the drivers and barriers to increasing diversity and inclusion through a series of innovative thought leadership reports and events. In November, Paul Hastings and Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business produced “Diversity and Inclusion: Annual Report,” which examines the most prevalent challenges to advancing diversity and inclusion at law firms and provides recommendations to overcome them.

For more information, contact Karlie Ilaria, Manager, Global Diversity and Inclusion, at karlieilaria@paulhastings.com


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