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Relationship Building, Collaboration

Connect with Local Minority- and Women-Owned Firms

 Each year, The Coca-Cola Company invites attorneys from minority- and women-owned law firms around the country to a networking event at its Atlanta headquarters. Legal Diversity Link is an opportunity for in-house attorneys from Coke and other Atlanta-based companies to connect with lawyers from minority- and women-owned firms.

Attendees hear from speakers, like Bernhard Goepelt, LCLD Member and General Counsel of Coke, but most of the event is dedicated to networking. Color-coded nametags make it easy for attendees to distinguish in-house and outside counsel, as well as identifying what practice area(s) each lawyer or firm specializes in. This year, Coke also partnered with the Association of Corporate Counsel and invited all of the organization's Georgia members. 

"Diversity is one of our core values, and we are investing in hiring and advancing a diverse group of talented legal professionals," said a Coke spokesperson. "For example, in 2007, only two percent of Coke's legal spending budget went to minority-owned and women-owned firms — a figure that increased to 10 percent by the end of 2014. In 2005, 39 percent of Coke's legal department was women and 23 percent was otherwise diverse, while year to date, those numbers have risen to 50 percent and 38 percent respectively." 

For more information, contact Jessica Lewis.