Over the past ten years, LCLD has developed a growing catalog of written, graphic, and multimedia resources that may be of use to you and your organization in promoting your Membership in LCLD, your commitment to diversity, and your active participation in LCLD programs such as Fellows and 1L LCLD Scholars.

For Member PR and Communications professionals, we've attached a selection of collateral materials and graphic assets below, including an FAQ on the organization and the LCLD logo in various file formats.

Elsewhere on the site we've posted current and past issues of the LCLD INSIDER, our monthly newsletter. You can also sign up to receive the LCLD Weekly News Digest, which includes resources on diversity and inclusion. You can browse these newsletters and other communications on our News page. 

We've also created a LinkedIn subgroup for LCLD Member Communications (under the LCLD Members LinkedIn Group), both of which you're invited to join. And of course there's our LCLD Facebook page and Twitter feed, which we hope you'll Like and Follow. Naturally, we'll return the favor.

Over the past decade, LCLD and its Members have generated a steady stream of press coverage and commentary on the subject of legal diversity, so we've created a reference archive of past news stories about the organization and our Members. We welcome any updates from you on media coverage of your LCLD Member (or your organization's approach to diversity), so that we can post it there and on social media.

If you have any questions or specific communications needs, please contact Caitlin Puffenberger, Member Programs and Communications Manager, or Kat Corfman, Communications Specialist. 

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