The LCLD Pathfinder Program exposes Pathfinders to the opportunities described below. For more information about the Pathfinder Program, please click here.

Class Meetings

Pathfinder Class Meetings provide group instruction developed and delivered by industry-leading experts, law firm and in-house focused breakout sessions and workshops, and critical-thinking discussions centered around participatory case studies. Each element of the meeting is designed specifically for LCLD and its innovative talent-to-leader program model.

E-Learning Modules

Part of the Pathfinder Program curriculum consists of Pathfinder E-Modules, which are short, interactive modules packed with actionable advice and paired with action-oriented skill development assignments. Supported by Program Facilitators, these e-modules are designed to provide Pathfinders with the implementation opportunities they need to internalize the Pathfinder curriculum and career-building practices.

Program Facilitator

The Program Facilitator is a senior, more experienced point of contact for the Pathfinder. The Facilitator is an LCLD Alumni and has a direct line to Pathfinder curriculum and materials through LCLD. Facilitators work with a group of Pathfinders to ensure that the curriculum is made relevant to their workplaces and that they have a smooth and successful Pathfinder Program experience.

Peer Circles

Peer Circles are small groups of Pathfinders who work collaboratively throughout the program. These groups provide a setting where Pathfinders can make deeper connections with a small group of colleagues. Peer Circles meet during virtual or in-person meetings and via video after completing each Pathfinder E-Module. These groups are assigned before the first class meeting and will be expected to meet regularly throughout the Pathfinder experience, especially near e-module completion dates.

LCLD Alumni Program

The LCLD Alumni Program has a national network of 4,000+ Alumni, offering national, regional, and local opportunities for networking and substantive leadership-development training. Graduates of both the Pathfinder and Fellows programs become LCLD Alumni upon completing their program year.

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For more information about the LCLD Pathfinder Program, please contact Sarah Alexander, Pathfinder Program Manager.