The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Pathfinder Program is aimed at supplementing Member organizations’ existing professional development programs through providing diverse, high-potential, early-career attorneys with practical tools for developing and leveraging their networks, gaining foundational leadership skills, and shaping their career development strategies. Your organization has selected one or more young stars to be Pathfinders and designated you, as Program Facilitator, to oversee their participation and assist them in getting the most out of the program. While Facilitators will be copied on the Welcome Package sent to the Pathfinders, which contains detailed information concerning the program, we thought this document would be useful as a “quick reference” guide to the role LCLD envisions Program Facilitators playing and the major components of the Pathfinder Program, as well as key program dates.

The Role of the Facilitator:

LCLD sees the Program Facilitator as performing three roles: logistical, experiential, and cultural.

From a logistical perspective, we look to the Program Facilitator to be mindful of the major “milestone” dates and deadlines for the program and check in periodically with the Pathfinder to make sure they are aware of and focusing on program deadlines and keeping up with their online learning assignments. We also see the Facilitator as a resource for the Pathfinder in integrating active participation in the program with the already challenging professional demands placed on a highly “in-demand” young lawyer. We look to the Facilitator to serve as a “sounding board” for the Pathfinder as they move through the program and to bring to LCLD’s attention issues raised or challenges encountered by the Pathfinder that might assist us in optimizing and refining the program going forward. For its part, LCLD will, for purposes of the Pathfinder Program, communicate with you as the organization’s representative.

From an experiential perspective, we see the Facilitator as a senior and experienced professional with experiences of her/his own to share with the Pathfinder as they move through the program. As the Pathfinder progresses through the in-person and e-learning components of the program, we encourage you, the Facilitator, to share your own insights with your Pathfinder as a means of further personalizing and enriching their experience.

Lastly, from a cultural perspective, we see each Program Facilitator as a representative of their individual Member organization and bearers of the institutional “culture” of their firm or corporation. Our Pathfinders join us from a wide range of private firms and in-house legal departments and, by necessity, the program presents concepts and approaches that are of general applicability across the LCLD Member community. We look to each Program Facilitator to assist your Pathfinder in integrating the content of the program, specifically, with existing professional development programs and, more generally, with the institutional culture that makes your organization unique.

Major Components of the Program:

As spelled out in more detail in the Welcome Package for Pathfinders, the major components of the program are as follows:

  • Program Registration and Preparatory Tasks (complete Pathfinder profile, complete Myers-Briggs assessment, and connect via social media) 
  • In-Person Meetings (these will “bookend” the program and take place in May and October) 
  • Online Learning (there will be four e-learning “modules,” on topics of Sponsorship, Career Management/Goal Setting, Interrupting Bias, and Time Management; each of which will include an e-learning segment, several action assignments from which the Pathfinder can choose one or more, and additional optional readings)
  • Compass Conversations (casual breakfast or luncheon get-togethers among Pathfinders and LCLD Fellows—participants in a parallel LCLD program focusing on more senior lawyers) 
  • Peer Circle Networking (small working groups of Pathfinders formed to facilitate networking and completion of group work assignments during in-person meetings)

Key Dates:

Here are some dates you’ll want to put on your calendar, so that you can track your Pathfinder’s progress:

  • April 30 - May 2, 2020 (The Home Depot, Atlanta, GA): In-Person Meeting, 2020 Pathfinder First Meeting (program kickoff).
  • May - October 2020 (Online): Online E-Modules and Peer Circle Assignments: Pathfinders will complete four e-modules as part of the program. Pathfinders and Program Facilitators will receive reminder emails as the e-modules are assigned throughout the summer. Pathfinders will coordinate calls with their peer circles to discuss program materials.
  • November 2020 (Exact Dates and Location TBD): In-Person Meeting, 2020 Pathfinder Second Meeting (program closing).

LCLD looks forward to working with you as your organization’s representative as we launch this year's program. If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns about the program or your Pathfinder’s participation in it, please contact Sarah Alexander, Pathfinder Program Manager.

For your convenience, you may print a PDF version of this guide from the "Resources" section below.