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In my capacity as a trusted legal advisor and business partner, I assume legal responsibility for a segment of Microsoft’s Global Sales, Marketing & Operations (“GSMO”) team where I am primarily responsible for negotiating complex cloud deals with Fortune 100 Corporations and large customers in the Financial Services industry in the East Region of the United States. I also focus on helping the $4 Billion-East Region business drive revenue by hosting cloud events with industry leaders and speaking across the country on many aspects of cloud computing. Prior to my role in GSMO, I supported volume licensing for Xbox and PC products in the retail space in Redmond, WA where I primarily focused on marketing, sales, advertising, and antitrust concerns. Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked in the International Law Department at MCI Communications supporting VOIP deals worldwide.

I have always been, and continue to be, heavily involved in diversity efforts and youth mentoring. I am a member of the Microsoft legal department’s diversity team. I am an active supporter of Microsoft’s diversity efforts with the National Bar Association’s (NBA) Crump Law Camp, the Go-Global Women’s Initiative, Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities, and the Annual Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day. I am one of Microsoft’s NBA Champions supporting a variety of the NBA’s diversity initiatives and events and Microsoft’s relationship lead for Corporate Counsel Women of Color. I was also on the team that organized and executed the Microsoft’s Women and Minority Law student IP summit which was recognized as a diversity best practice by the American Bar Association.

I hold a B.B.A. from Howard University and a J.D. from North Carolina Central University. I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional in the U.S. (CIPP/US). I am on the board of trustees for the Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School in Maryland and a volunteer at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C. I have also learned a few things about myseIf since I became a lawyer 4 years ago:

1. I love talking about the cloud and Microsoft's roadmap for a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud. I am almost as passionate about the cloud as I am about my work with youth-at-risk and my work at Microsoft has further exposed me to the impact that technological innovation can have on the world’s socio-economic landscape. This makes my day-to-day work advancing the Microsoft Cloud for Global Good initiative with our customers and partners all the more fulfilling.

2. I finally realized that I am an introvert. However, people are surprised to hear that because I am an "extroverted" introvert. Because expanding my professional network is an objective of mine, I am eager to leverage learnings from the Pathfinder Program to enhance my ability to both identify and forge deeper strategic partnerships and alliances in a manner that complements my introverted nature.

3. My personal brand is "being able to communicate where the goats can get it". That phrase means that my goal is to communicate in a relatable, honest and open way that anyone can understand. I am still honing this skill, but it is a skillset that I truly believe also helps define my role as a trusted advisor and business partner. I noticed that most of the people I admire have the ability to relate to the gamut of legal and business professionals.

Microsoft Corporation
5404 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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MS co-lead for the National Bar Association MS lead for Corporate Counsel Women of Color Diversity & Inclusion - Talent Acquisition committee

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North Carolina Central University

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