Welcome, Pathfinders!

The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) created the Pathfinder Program in 2015 when we recognized the need to provide learning and support to early-career attorneys, especially those from diverse backgrounds, who have shown promising leadership potential. To date, more than 10,000 diverse lawyers and legal students have been reached by LCLD programming, a number you’re helping to grow through your participation in the Pathfinder Program!

By selecting you for this program, your organization has identified you as a rising star within your organization, and has offered you this career-development opportunity to help you further your career. Now it’s up to you to make the most of it. As you’ll soon discover, the Pathfinder Program provides a unique curriculum to help you develop leadership skills, build professional relationships and networks, and form a successful career-development strategy.

Please see below for all of the information you will need to make the most out of your Pathfinder year, including event pages, the LCLD Directory, information portals, and newsletters. This page is your main resource for staying connected and engaged in the LCLD Pathfinder Program this year!


Pathfinders have access to a variety of events throughout the year, including both substantive and relationship-building opportunities. You may register for upcoming Pathfinder events here

See below for some of the events to expect during the Pathfinder Program. Event opportunities continuously arise throughout the program, so be sure to visit the LCLD Events Calendar and select the “Pathfinder” filter to find the latest events.

Class Meetings
First Meeting (virtual) March 18, 2022
Second Meeting (in-person) September 18-20, 2022
Small Group Sessions
Regional Meetings: Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, South, West (virtual) July 12, 2022
E-Module: Goal Setting April 5, 2022 (e-module opens) 
Webinar: Goal Setting April 14, 2022
E-Module: Time Management July 19, 2022 (e-module opens)
Webinar: Time Management August 2, 2022
Facilitator Group Meetings (virtual) Three times per year, between April and October
Other Year-Round Activities
Language of Leadership sessions, events hosted by LCLD Alumni, and other speaker series

Pathfinder E-Module Portal

An integral part of the LCLD Pathfinder Program curriculum is the online experiential learning component, or Pathfinder E-Modules, which are released April through August. Click here to access e-modules, and associated action assignments and suggested readings.

#TalentRising Newsletter

#TalentRising is a weekly newsletter for current Pathfinders, current Fellows, and LCLD Alumni. This newsletter includes personal announcements from program participants, upcoming events and opportunities, helpful resources, and job opportunities. You may submit personal announcements for the newsletter here.

All Pathfinders should automatically receive this newsletter on Tuesdays at 1 pm ET, and past issues of the newsletter are archived on the website. If you are not receiving the newsletter in your inbox, please reach out to Devin Garcia, LCLD Programs Specialist.

Pathways Newsletter

Pathways is a quarterly newsletter for current LCLD Pathfinders. This resource is designed to supplement the weekly #TalentRising newsletter with content just for current Pathfinders. All Pathfinders should automatically receive the Pathways newsletter, and past issues of the newsletter are archived on the website. If you are not receiving the newsletter in your inbox, please reach out to Chenoa Forrester, LCLD Programs Specialist.

Pathfinder & Fellow Directory

The LCLD Directory is a password-protected directory of all LCLD Pathfinders, Fellows, and Alumni. You may use the directory to stay in touch, expand your network, and refer business to other members of the LCLD community. Make sure you claim your profile and keep it up-to-date so that the rest of the LCLD community has the best information about you!

Pathfinder & Fellow Map

The LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder Programs Map helps you find and connect with LCLD program participants—whether in your area or when traveling.

For questions about the Pathfinder Program or components of the program, please contact Sarah Alexander, Pathfinder Program Manager.