Learn more about the LCLD Program Partners who provide instruction to program participants throughout the Fellows Program, Pathfinder Program, and 1L LCLD Scholars Program.

Mary Abbajay | Read Bio
President & Founder, Careerstone Group, LLC
Programs: Fellows, Pathfinder
Topics: Feedback and accountability, managing up, and collaborating successfully with others

Paula Davis | Read Bio
Founder and CEO, Stress & Resilience Institute
Program: Fellows
Topic: Stress resilience blueprint for lawyers

Chris De Santis | Read Bio
Specialist in Management and Organization Development
Programs: Fellows, Pathfinder, and 1L Scholars
Topics: Importance of generational perceptions and communicating through generations, embracing lopsidedness to engage and leverage others' strengths to collective advantage, messaging and presence, and servant leadership

Carrie Fletcher | Read Bio
Affiliate Instructor, Harvard Law School Executive Education
Programs: Pathfinder, 1L Scholars
Topics: Leveraging personality type via the TypeCoach Indicator to be effective at work and strengthen personal awareness, and identifying and utilizing power dynamics

Hassan Kamel | Read Bio
Lead Consultant, Otto Kroeger Associates (OKA) 
Program: Fellows
Topics: Emotional intelligence workshop, and increasing influence with the Influence Style Indicator

John Mitchell Read Bio
"The Purple Coach" and Owner, KM Advisors, LLC
Programs: Fellows, Pathfinder
Topics: Coaching basics, identifying and avoiding roadblocks to develop a successful career, the art and science of how to communicate with and influence others, and developing resilience to move from surviving to thriving, leadership development, and career planning

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