The Advocacy Group Program offers a unique way to benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring in a small group and confidential environment. Past participants report that they’ve received invaluable feedback and suggestions from other LCLD Alumni and have also had the opportunity to make connections with each other on a deeper level, including Alumni they may not have had an opportunity to meet previously.

How it Works:

Each Advocacy Group schedules regular 30-minute conference calls. On each call, the members of the group do an intensive and confidential review of the career of a single Alumnus. They give feedback based upon that individual's summary of his/her career history and goals.

As a follow-up to each call, Advocacy Group members take steps to assist the Alumnus whose career was reviewed on the call. These steps may include sharing learning resources, making introductions to contacts, or other favors that might assist in advancing the individual's goals.

An Advocacy Group cycle lasts for approximately eight months and the registration form to participate in the program is posted on this page when active. Please note that the 2020-2021 Advocacy Group cycle is already in progress.

For questions about the Advocacy Group Program, please contact Nichole Velasquez, LCLD Alumni Program Director.