LCLD Alumni have access to a variety of opportunities, both substantive and relationship-building, throughout the year. As the Alumni network and its leadership continue to grow and change, new opportunities may become available. Staying connected with LCLD is the best way to find out about new opportunities.

Alumni Programming

Under the leadership of national program development chairs, regional chairs and city leads develop and execute programs for the 32 major markets with the LCLD network. Substantive and networking programs vary each year in response to the needs of the local and regional communities. The programming year operates on a June-to-June cycle. Visit the LCLD Events Calendar and filter for program and/or region to see upcoming activities are in your area.

Our most intensive Alumni Programming includes the Sustainable Partnership Program and the General Counsel Mentoring Program. Continue reading for more information.

Sustainable Partnership Program

The Sustainable Partnership Program (SPP) is designed to further expand the network and leadership training obtained during the Fellows or Pathfinder experience. Focused on building meaningful regional connections, SPP brings together a small number of law firm partners and in-house decision-makers from the same geographic location to develop authentic relationships.

General Counsel Mentoring Program

Many LCLD Alumni have moved into General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, or division head roles at their respective organizations, with significant leadership and management duties. The General Counsel Mentoring Program provides a space for Alumni GCs to meet regularly in small groups for peer-to-peer mentorship and mentorship from senior/emeritus GCs in the LCLD network.

Advocacy Groups  

The Advocacy Group Program is an eight-month collaborative program where LCLD Alumni from all classes have an opportunity to meet in small groups to provide peer-to-peer advice and mentorship in a confidential environment.

Annual LCLD Leadership Symposium

The LCLD Alumni Program hosts a Leadership Symposium each June, with plenty of opportunities for leadership training, community service, and connecting with one another. The 11th Annual LCLD Alumni Leadership Symposium will be hosted June 23–25, 2022. For more details and to register, click here

Annual Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Awards  

The Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Award recognizes the outstanding achievements, commitment, leadership, and vision of LCLD Alumni who have had a lasting impact on the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders and their communities. Nominations for this award open in February and awards are presented at the Leadership Symposium each spring. Click here to read about past recipients.

Community Outreach

The LCLD Alumni community has an ongoing relationship with The Posse Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the primary objective to train talented, diverse college students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Opportunities for engagement are focused on pipeline initiatives. The Outreach committee also spotlights one nonprofit organization each month and provides charitable and pro bono opportunities for LCLD Alumni to engage and volunteer.

Access to Learning Experiences & Leadership Lunches  

LCLD Alumni have the opportunity to attend Learning Experiences and Leadership Lunches when the events are not filled by current LCLD Fellows. Learn more about the RSVP policy for these events here

Leadership Opportunities

The LCLD Alumni Program is governed by an Executive Council, City Leads, Class Liaisons, and a host of committees. Leadership opportunities become available in April and Alumni serve June to June. A full listing of leadership opportunities can be found here.

All In! Contributions Campaign  

The LCLD Alumni All In! Campaign helps to fund regional Alumni events and build a treasury for future initiatives. The campaign typically runs from February to July.

LCLD Alumni Job Bank  

LCLD Alumni have created a job bank for Alumni who are displaced by COVID-19 and/or fluctuations in the economy. LCLD Alumni who are seeking their next role are encouraged to submit information to the job bank. LCLD Member organizations are encouraged to contact LCLD when seeking to fill open positions.

For more information about the LCLD Alumni Program, please contact Alyssa Yuen, LCLD Alumni Program Manager.