The LCLD Success in Law School Mentoring Program relies on City Leads in each of the many cities in which it operates. A team of about 30 City Leads serve as the primary local liaison between LCLD and local law school students and administration, as well as attorney Mentors in their city.

City Lead Training

LCLD has designed a web-based training e-module that equips City Leads with the information and relevant contact information needed to launch a successful program in your city. Click the button below to start this easy (and required) 15-minute training, from the comfort of your home or office:

For your convenience, this training is available year-round. 

To facilitate the e-module training above, LCLD will host a supplementary training conference call. Additionally, we provide resources to help you throughout the year, both at the bottom of this page and via our Individual and Group Mentoring tool kits for City Leads.

PLEASE NOTE: LCLD has developed another e-module, Building a Strong Mentor-Mentee Relationship, which we stongly encourage all Mentors and Mentees to watch at the beginning of their mentoring relationship. The e-module was created to ensure that participants have all the information they need to have a successful mentoring experience. It is also available as part of the Mentoring Tool Kit.

For more information about the City Lead role or training, please contact Nancy Richardson, LCLD Program Manager.