LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder Welcome Week 2022 was packed with opportunities for the new cohorts to connect with one another and the LCLD community. Leading up to the main events—the programs’ First Meetings—Fellows and Pathfinders attended the March Language of Leadership session featuring LCLD Board Member Deneen Donnley, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of ConEdison, as well as a virtual game show night full of trivia and friendly competition.

This year, the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder classes have more in common than meets the eye: 21 members of this year’s Fellows cohort were previously Pathfinders, three were previously 1L Scholars, and one completed both programs prior to becoming a 2022 Fellow; and 10 members of the new Pathfinder class were previously 1L Scholars.


On March 17, Fellows Program Manager Nichole Velasquez welcomed 412 new Fellows to the virtual 2022 LCLD Fellows First Meeting. The day began with a speed-networking session before delving into the meeting’s main topics: strategic problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

Mary E. Abbajay, president and co-founder of Careerstone Group, guided participants through a highly interactive session on “Managing Up,” designed to help Fellows understand what managers really want from their staff. The session addressed how to handle personality differences in manager/staff relationships, appreciate varying “followership styles,” and develop effective strategies for working with supervisors, ultimately increasing organizational trust and managing their own professional success.

Hassan Kamal, lead consultant at Otto Kroeger Associates (OKA), led an in-depth emotional intelligence workshop using the EQ-i (Emotional Quotient Inventory) 2.0 Assessment. Fellows examined their individual results to gain a deeper understanding of the set of social and emotional skills that influence the ways they perceive and express themselves, cope with challenges, and develop and maintain relationships.


At the 2022 LCLD Pathfinder First Meeting, held virtually on March 18, Pathfinder Program Manager Sarah Alexander welcomed 424 new participants. The meeting also kicked off with a speed-networking session before jumping into the day’s primary content: self-awareness and navigating workplace dynamics.

Carrie J. Fletcher, affiliate instructor at Harvard Law School Executive Education, utilized the TypeCoach Verifier Plus assessment tool to help Pathfinders understand their individual preferences around communication, information processing, and decision making. Participants also learned to identify key aspects of preferences that differ from their own, strengthening their ability to tailor interactions and increase the clarity and effectiveness of their communication methods.

John Mitchell, “The Purple Coach” and owner of KM Advisors, built upon the concepts Pathfinders explored in the TypeCoach program with an emphasis on navigating team dynamics and maximizing individual impact. The workshop focused on the challenges attorneys face as they begin to ascend the ranks of their organization. The session’s interactive small-group activities allowed each participant to explore critical career decisions, from developing mastery in an area of interest to navigating institutional and environmental obstacles.