The 2021 LCLD Pathfinder class consists of 428 early-career attorneys from LCLD Member law firms and corporations, a whopping 67% increase in class size from 2020. Pathfinder Program Manager Sarah Alexander (pictured below) welcomed 394 Pathfinders to the 2021 Pathfinders’ first virtual meeting that took place May 12-14, 2021.

During each day of the meeting, Pathfinders participated in one-on-one networking sessions and Peer Circle breakout sessions of about 10 Pathfinders each, to build relationships with one another and enhance the substantive content presented throughout the meeting. Pathfinders also had the opportunity to network informally in small groups during a Virtual Scavenger Hunt and build community during a trivia competition.

The first session of the meeting was led by Carrie Fletcher, Affiliate Instructor at Harvard Law School Executive Education, who shared how Pathfinders may leverage their TypeCoach personality assessment results to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

The next day, Mitchell Karp, Partner at VallotKarp, and Neonu Jewell (pictured above), Project Consultant at VallotKarp and Executive Director of Niyah Center, taught the Pathfinders how to recognize and overcome impostor syndrome and insider/outsider dynamics.

Then Chris De Santis, Specialist in Management and Organization Development, gave insights on how Pathfinders may build trust to obtain career-building feedback from colleagues and develop the courage to give honest feedback to others.

On the final day, the Pathfinders participated in Managing Up, a high-energy presentation by Mary Abbajay, President & Co-Founder of Careerstone Group, LLC, that gave them effective strategies for working with supervisors with different personalities and managing the Pathfinders’ own professional success.

The "At-Home Counsel" Peer Circle during a breakout discussion. (Photo by Stella Varga)

The meeting ended with a presentation by John Mitchell, “The Purple Coach” and Owner of KM Advisors, LLC. During this interactive session, he equipped the Pathfinders with tips and best practices on how they can overcome the challenges that attorneys face as they begin to move up in their organization and move into roles that are more integral to teams.

Between now and their last class meeting in November, the Pathfinders will participate in various career-development and relationship-building activities including Compass Conversations with LCLD Alumni and current Fellows, and e-module exercises with their Peer Circle and Program Facilitator. 


Jessica Sabesan is the Senior Communications & Marketing Manager at LCLD. For questions about the Pathfinder Program, please email