Click the links below to read about past winners of the Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Award. Named for LCLD’s founder, this award is the LCLD Alumni community’s highest honor.

2022 Winners

Patrick Fang (2020 Pathfinder) and Fawaz Bham (2016 Pathfinder and 2021 Fellow)

2021 Winners

Kevin Gooch (2015 Fellow) and Demetra Liggins (2021 Fellow)

2020 Winners

Joseph Maron Hanna (2014 Fellow) and Marilyn McClure-Demers (2014 Fellow)

2019 Winners

Valeria Chapa Garza (2013 Fellow) and Zohra Tejani (2012 Fellow)

2018 Winners

Merisa Heu-Weller (2016 Fellow) and Kassem Lucas (2011 Fellow)

2017 Winners

John T. Cu (2011 Fellow) and Cassandra H.M. Headrick (2012 Fellow)

2016 Winners

Yvette V. Gatling (2012 Fellow) and Kamran Q. Khan (2011 Fellow)

2015 Winner

Bruce E.L.M. Strothers (2012 Fellow)


The Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Award recognizes the outstanding achievements, commitment, and leadership of LCLD Fellows Alumni and Pathfinder Alumni whose exemplary contributions have had a substantial and lasting impact on the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders network and in advancing the mission and goals of LCLD in the communities in which we practice and the legal profession more broadly.

About Rick Palmore

Rick Palmore is one of the most influential lawyers of our time and a nationally recognized advocate for diversity in the legal industry whose vision and hard work propelled, among countless other achievements, the founding of LCLD. Today, Rick serves on the Board as Founding Chair Emeritus and as Vice Chair of the Strategy and Innovation Committee. He continues to inspire his fellow Members to push the frontiers of diversity and inclusion for the legal profession.

About the Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Award

In 2015, the LCLD Fellows Alumni Executive Council created the Rick Palmore LCLD Alumni Award as a way to honor the contributions of Rick Palmore to LCLD and to recognize LCLD Fellows Alumni whose vision, commitment and contributions have exemplified the mission of LCLD and the LCLD Fellows Alumni community and have had a lasting impact on LCLD Fellows and Fellows Alumni specifically and their communities more generally.

In 2019, in recognition of the evolving LCLD Alumni community and in the spirit of inclusion, we celebrate the exemplary contributions and impact made by LCLD Fellows Alumni and Pathfinder Alumni.

For questions, please contact Alyssa Yuen, LCLD Alumni Program Manager.