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1. Munger Tolles Partner Helps Save Archive of U.S. Black History

2019 Fellow George Fatheree had two days to craft a $30 million bid to preserve an archive chronicling the black experience in America. The archive will remain available to the public and contains over four million images and 10,000 hours of video and audio recordings.  Big Law Business

2. What Lawyers Earn  

  • According to a recent report from the ABA, female lawyers make 36 percent less than their male counterparts.  ABA Journal
  • The ABA report also found that equity partners make three times the salary of nonequity partners—a concerning statistic because both women and minorities are under-represented among equity partners (according to NALP, 19.6 are women and just 6.6 percent are minorities).  ABA JournalNALP
  • Among general counsel, men earned almost 19 percent more than their female counterparts, and the gap is growing.  Corporate Counsel 

3. How African-Americans Advance at Work—And What Organizations Can Do to Help 

This rich discussion with professor Laura Morgan Roberts highlights the lack of African-Americans leaders in the workplace and what organizations, leaders, and rising talent can do to address it.  Harvard Business Review 

4. Making Health a Money Matter: 3M Uses ABA Wellness Pledge in Outside Counsel Search 

  • LCLD Member corporation 3M is asking outside counsel if they’ve signed the ABA’s wellness pledge and what actions they are taking to promote mental health and well-being among their attorneys.  The American Lawyer
  • LCLD Member organizations Cummins, U.S. Bank, and VMWare are also among the five in-house legal departments to sign the ABA’s pledge.  The American Lawyer

5. Corporate Diversity Efforts Often Leave Out One Important Group: People With Disabilities 

Companies named “disability inclusion champions” had 28 percent higher revenue and 30 percent higher economic profit margins than other companies in a recent study.  Fortune

6. Even at “Inclusive” Companies, Women of Color Don’t Feel Supported 

“You can’t build meaningful connections between women of different races and ethnicities, let alone ask them to advocate for their collective advancement, if black and Hispanic women report being excluded from the relationships required to make an organization run,” write researchers Beth Livingston and Tina Opie.  Harvard Business Review