Technology and innovation took center stage as Maryanne Lavan welcomed the LCLD Fellows to the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center (GVC) in Crystal City, Virginia, for the first Fellows Learning Experience of the year on May 8, 2019.

Lockheed Martin's commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace was also high on the agenda, as Lavan made clear in the first session of the day. She was joined by fellow LCLD Member Ellen Dwyer, Executive Committee Chair of Crowell & Moring, as well as by two senior Lockheed Martin leaders—Jeff Divney, VP and Associate General Counsel, and Rahsaan J. Coefield, Senior Manager, Corporate EEO Investigations.

Lavan described Lockheed Martin's expectations for outside counsel with respect to diverse teams as well as D&I efforts within the organization. Dwyer, who chairs the Innovation Committee of the LCLD Board of Directors, and Divney, who participated in the first LCLD Sustainable Partnerships Program, both talked about how membership in LCLD aids in their D&I efforts.

In particular, Divney discussed how he used the Fellows Directory to find candidates for a legal matter he was referring to outside counsel. Coefield also described some of Lockheed Martin's internal initiatives that seek to involve all employees in the D&I discussion. The group encouraged and took many questions from the Fellows, including some on sponsorship, origination credit, and business development.

One attendee, 2019 Fellow Victoria Vron from GE, found this first session particularly helpful in thinking of new ways to further D&I efforts at her own organization.

"One of the more memorable moments for me was hearing from Jeff Divney about the law firm RFP process," said Vron. "Jeff walked us through how he used the LCLD Fellows and Fellows Alumni databases in his RFP process for Trademarks counsel and how he made sure that the chosen firm actually gave origination credit to the Fellow._ These are the types of experiences that make a difference and gave me great ideas for the next time I have to retain outside counsel."

The next two sessions focused on the business of Lockheed Martin. Woody Woodyard, VP of Communications, Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS), and Rita Flaherty, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Missiles and Fire Control (MFC), gave the Fellows an overview of their departments.

Woodyard presented a video on RMS that emphasized the company's focus on training, communication, and the building of ships, missiles, and helicopters. His business area features more than 1,000 programs that support the U.S. military, including integrated air and missile defense, littoral warfare, undersea warfare, radar, electronic warfare, cyber solutions, C4ISR, and training and logistics systems. He stressed the importance of the company's national security mission and its mantra, "It has to work."

Flaherty then talked about her department, Missiles and Fire Control, which features more than 50 product and service lines in the realm of advanced aerospace and defense systems. Flaherty added that MFC is the fastest growing business area within the company.

Keoki Jackson, Lockheed Martin's Chief Technology Officer, gave the Fellows an inside view into the organization's R&D efforts and emerging focus areas. The leaders in both sessions fielded questions from Fellows including adapting to change, sensitivity to hierarchy within the workforce, and technology advancements among the company's corporate and business units.

During lunch, Fellows were also offered tours of the Global Vision Center and F-35 and Space Experience Demonstration Centers.

The afternoon began with more of Lockheed Martin's business units on display. Dave Young, VP of Advanced Programs, Space, talked about Lockheed Martin's efforts with NASA to get astronauts back into space. He also stressed the value of space to issues such as global communications, national defense, and scientific research. Cynthia Paslay, Director of Business Development, Aeronautics, discussed issues revolving around the design and production of military aircraft and sustaining the current fleet.

Lockheed Martin as Government Contractor was the focus of a program featuring John Mollard, VP and Treasurer, and Jim Mifsud, VP and Associate General Counsel, Government Affairs. Both discussed working with sub-contractors, investor relationships, and the regulations and laws that govern Lockheed Martin's business. Next up was Larry Duncan, VP, Government Relations, who discussed the current political landscape and the company's top legislative campaigns. He stressed Lockheed Martin's political neutrality and its belief that national security is not a partisan issue. Lockheed Martin's government team works to navigate the DC landscape by focusing on permanent issues, building credibility, and focusing on the customer.

The last session of the day was on protecting the Lockheed Martin brand. William (Bill) Phelps, VP of External Communications, discussed Lockheed's efforts in marketing, social media, public relations, and advertising. He walked the Fellows through an exercise highlighting the successes and failures of other leading recognizable brands. The Fellows got a look at the company's new brand campaign and efforts to differentiate itself from others in the field. Phelps also talked about Lockheed Martin's recruitment strategies, including a 'Challenge Box' tour at several leading college campuses.

The day ended as it began, with inspirational remarks from Maryanne Lavan.

The evening before the Learning Experience, the Fellows were hosted by LCLD Board Member Ellen Dwyer at her firm, Crowell & Moring LLP, for a cocktail reception.

LCLD would like to thank the Lockheed Martin Host Committee: Beth Kramer (committee chair), Associate General Counsel; Crystal Barnes (2017 Fellow), Associate General Counsel; Shawn Fraser (2017 Fellow), Associate General Counsel; Amber Hassan (2018 Fellow), Associate General Counsel; Angela Miller (2018 Fellow), Associate General Counsel; and Rob Spencer, VP and Deputy General Counsel.