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1. General Counsel Are Knocking on the C-Suite Door

Corporate Counsel, 4/30/19

In a recent study of general counsel in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, 81 percent say it's key to have a seat at the C-suite table. And nearly 40 percent believe their next career move will be serving as CEO.

2. LCLD 1L Scholar Crowned Miss USA

CNN, 5/3/19

During the pageant Q&A, Cheslie Kryst (2014), of LCLD Member firm Poyner Spruill, delivered a wise and powerful statement in support of the #MeToo movement and respect in the workplace.

3. All-White Neighborhoods Are Dwindling as America Grows More Diverse

The New York Times, 5/1/19

Down dramatically over the past four decades, segregated neighborhoods in the U.S. persist in nonwhite populations, with consequential exceptions.

4. All the Ways Hiring Algorithms Can Introduce Bias

Harvard Business Review, 5/6/19

Do hiring algorithms prevent bias, or amplify it? This fundamental question divides the technology’s proponents and its skeptics, but arriving at the answer is more complicated than it appears.

5. Key to Advancing, Sustaining Diversity in Law Firms: Open the Door of Opportunity

The Legal Intelligencer, 5/3/19

For law firm attorneys, development and advancement boil down to just a few key factors, according to co-authors from LCLD Member organizations Glaxo Smith Kline and Holland & Knight.

6. Don’t Be the Boss Who Talks Too Much

Harvard Business Review, 5/3/19

Are you communicating too much? Too little? Four rules of thumb that can help you raise productivity and get it just right.

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