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1. How Departing Leaders Can Pass Along Wisdom to Employees

Harvard Business Review, 4/17/19

Pixar’s retiring president, Ed Catmull, chose to spend his last day on the job not being celebrated by his colleagues but, instead, sharing thoughts about the challenges they would face in the years to come.

2. 'Disastrous' Lack of Diversity in AI Industry Perpetuates Bias, Study Finds

The Guardian, 4/16/19

A recent report says an overwhelmingly white and male field has reached "a moment of reckoning" over discriminatory systems.

3. Microsoft’s Brad Smith on How to Responsibly Deploy Artificial Intelligence

IEEE Spectrum, 4/10/19

Microsoft’s president, the former Chair of LCLD, talks about the promise and perils of AI. In a related story, he cites technology's inherent bias to explain Microsoft’s reluctance to provide facial recognition platforms to law enforcement.

4. Am I the Only GC Who Doesn’t Fully Embrace Implicit Bias Training?

JD Supra, 4/22/19

In this "Dear Abby" letter, the respondent digs deeper into what implicit bias is and how companies can effectively implement training that will work for their culture.

5. One Way to Reduce Gender Bias in Performance Reviews

Harvard Business Review, 4/17/19

A new study by sociologists identifies one potential way to reduce gender gaps in quantitative performance evaluations: switch the rating scale.

6. Avoiding the Expertise Trap

Harvard Business Review, 4/16/19

According to a professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, being the most knowledgeable and experienced person on your team isn’t always a good thing.


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