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1. Why diversity is vital to keeping American democracy healthy: A lesson from the Greeks

The Washington Post, 4/14/19

The citizens of ancient Greece invented democracy in the sixth century BC. As the Athenians knew, a diverse range of voices is key to self-governance.

2. When Medical Schools Become Less Diverse

The Atlantic, 4/16/19

Texas Tech recently announced it will no longer take race into account in admissions to its medical school—a move that could affect not only aspiring doctors but their patients as well.

3. A Celebration of Black Lawyers, Past and Present

The New Yorker, 6/7/17

A friend of LCLD since its founding, civil rights icon Vernon Jordan was asked to reflect on the power of the law to make things better for black Americans. His essay in response is a modern classic.

4. Preventing Busyness from Becoming Burnout

Harvard Business Review, 4/15/19

Most organizations tout "work-life balance" as a core value these days. And yet, says the author of Overwhelmed, nearly every organization struggles to live up to its promise.

5. Government Warns Law Firms of Consequences for Diversity Failures

The American Lawyer, 4/10/19

Law firms and other legal industry representatives were put on notice last week by a key federal contracting overseer.

6. Why People—and Companies—Need Purpose

Harvard Business Review, 4/9/19

Companies that promote values beyond profitability are more likely to succeed, says Nicholas Pearce of the Kellogg School of Management. The same goes for people, he says: Individuals who align their job with their life’s work are happier and more productive.

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