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1. This Is What a Feminist Country Looks Like

New York Times, 3/8/19

What’s so great about Sweden? Every year, this Nordic nation of ten million people ranks as one of the happiest, friendliest, and most environmentally conscious countries in the world. It's also one of the best places to be a woman.

2. HP Demonstrating Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

Forbes, 3/7/19

HP’s CEO Dion Weisler took a pledge back in 2017 to advance D&I in the workplace, as part of an initiative called the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. As HP Inc. president and LCLD Board member Kim Rivera can attest, it does not appear to be an empty promise.

3. Women of Color Get Less Support at Work. Here’s How Managers Can Change That.

Harvard Business Review, 3/4/19

The factors preventing women of color from advancing at work are different from those holding back white women and even men of color. These include microaggressions, double standards, and unconscious bias in the workplace. Here are six ways managers can help.

4. Law Firms' Future Isn't About Rainmaking. It's About Change-Making.

The American Lawyer, 3/1/19

With the head of a rainmaker and the heart of an innovator, change-makers are quickly becoming a driving force in helping law firms explore new ways of thinking. Here's a field guide to the species.

5. Are Legal Departments Really Better Than Firms at Diversity?

The American Lawyer, 3/10/19

Legal departments are generally more inclusive than big law firms, but diversity advocates say there's still work to be done, especially at the general counsel level.

6. Law firms shouldn’t overlook the value of soft skills

ABA Journal, 3/7/19

People skills do not get much attention in law firms, or in law school, either. Yet soft skills—from managing relationships to communication, mentorship, negotiation, networking, and office politics—are essential to success in business, including the business of law.