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1. Americans Are Divided by The Politics of Race, Not by Race Itself

The New York Times, 3/18/19

According to recent studies, America in 2019 is not divided by racial conflict so much as by conflict over racial ideology. This is a crucial difference, and also grounds for optimism: While lamentable, ideological differences are less polarizing and can be resolved.

2. Former LCLD Chair Brad Smith Calls for Content Moderation, Collaboration After NZ Mass Shooting

Corporate Counsel, 3/25/19

Microsoft president Brad Smith, immediate past Chair of LCLD, said "words alone are not enough" for the tech industry to prevent violent content from spreading online. He offered suggestions for the industry, including new AI tools and increased collaboration.

3. From Lawyer to Leader: How to Build a Strong Legal Team Culture

Corporate Counsel, 3/20/19

Building a positive, powerful, intentionally created culture will support the leader’s vision, attract and retain talent, and ensure positive results. Here’s how to get there.

4. The Benefits Of Gender Diversity At Work

Forbes, 3/21/19

New research suggests that there is a specific team makeup that results in greater psychological safety, problem-solving fluency, and collective intelligence than others: a higher proportion of women.

5. Why Millennials Should Give 'Managing Upward' a Chance

The Recorder, 3/20/19

Writes Shilpa Coorg of LCLD Member firm Winston & Strawn: Not only does 'managing up' strengthen attorneys at all levels, it also aligns with the values many millennials hold dear, such as the desire to collaborate with others, do meaningful and substantive work, take on responsibility, and establish strong professional mentor-mentee relationships.

6. Incoming Batch of Law Deans Is More Diverse Than Ever, 3/21/19

The number of women and minorities stepping into law dean roles this summer is on track to outpace the number of white males taking on those top administrative positions.

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