LCLD is proud to announce that in 2019, 55 LCLD Member organizations were named Top Performers, 44 were named Compass Award winners, and 21 earned both designations. We applaud these Members for their continued commitment to building more diverse organizations and a more inclusive profession. 

Top Performer organizations are those that are most active in LCLD over the course of the year. Organizations receive points for activities like participating in LCLD programs, having Fellows who are active in the Alumni network, hosting Learning Experiences and Leadership Lunches, and sponsoring other LCLD events. See the full list of Top Performers below.

The Compass Award recognizes those individuals and organizations that fulfill all of the following requirements in a calendar year: 

  • Member attendance at the Annual Meeting 
  • Participation in the LCLD Fellows Program 
  • Participation in the LCLD Pathfinder Program 
  • Participation in an LCLD Pipeline Program (the 1L Scholars Program or the Success in Law School Mentoring Program) 

See the full list of Compass Award winners below.  

For more information on these awards and how your organization can receive them, contact LCLD Membership & Operations Director Jennifer Denton at