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1. What Does it Take to Certify that a Company Takes Harassment Seriously?

  • LCLD Member organization Amazon is one of four tech companies partnering with the Purple Campaign to develop a certification for companies that have taken appropriate steps to address workplace harassment.  Fortune 
  • “Purple Certified” benchmarks include encouragement of internal reporting of harassment; leveraging existing diversity and inclusion efforts to address harassment; and steps taken to increase gender diversity at the top of the organization.  Fortune  

2. Understanding Unconscious Bias Is Good for Equality and Good for Business

“Lawyers who have been attentive on the topic of unconscious bias and vigilant about its impact on decision-making are going to be better equipped in advising their clients and helping them to mitigate risks,” write two attorneys from LCLD Member firm Blank RomeThe Legal Intelligencer

3. How the Push for Inclusion in Law Firm Hiring Can Carve a Path for Female Talent 

Law firms that do not support strong career paths or pay equity risk losing talented female lawyers to other firms or clients.  ABA Journal


4. Walmart Has Added Virtual Reality to Its Assessment of an Employee’s Potential 

LCLD Member organization Walmart has added a virtual reality component to its promotion process, seeking to eliminate bias and better determine leadership potential.  The Washington Post 

5. LGBTQ Lawyers On Job Hunt Still Fear Facing Firms’ Barriers

Inclusive messages at the firm level don’t always translate to hiring practices, specific practice groups, or individuals within the firm.  Big Law Business 

6. How to Reduce Personal Bias When Hiring 

One strategy for overcoming unconscious bias in your hiring decisions: if you have reservations about a diverse candidate, consider whether you’d have the same concerns if the candidate were a white male.  Harvard Business Review 

7. Constantly On Call: The Client’s Role in the Legal Profession’s Mental Health Crisis 

Law firm lawyers are more likely than their corporate counterparts to experience mental health issues such as depression, addiction, and anxiety; in-house leaders can help by being aware of how their demands impact their outside counsel and by supporting firm wellness programs and practices.  Corporate Counsel