Compiled for LCLD Members and the Board of Directors every Wednesday, this digest is designed to brief you on the latest headlines about LCLD Members and organizations, as well as thought-provoking articles on diversity in the legal profession, talent development, mentoring, and leadership. Past issues of the Digest are also archived on the LCLD web site.

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1. LISTEN: Business of Law Podcast Features LCLD Fellows Alumni Speaker Series

  • The podcast covers a recent event hosted by Fellows Alumni and Member firm Lane Powell and features five Fellows speaking about their career growth. Business of Law Podcast
  • “When we commit to the LCLD experience, we find more of who we are,” says Jason Barnwell, podcast host, 2016 Fellow, and Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft. “And knowing ourselves, and finding comfort in that, is the first step to leading others. Creating a culture where that is valued unlocks the capabilities of our organizations.” Business of Law Podcast

2. Frustrated with Big Law Diversity, Companies Are Looking Elsewhere

“Corporate law departments really have, in our view, an important role to play in pushing diversity, and I think we have a lot of power to do that,” says Lisa Wolmart, LCLD Diversity Professional at Prudential. One way Prudential chooses to do this is by redirecting money to women- and minority-owned firms. The American Lawyer 

3. 4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Disability-Inclusion Practices

  • Disregarding people with disabilities “puts companies at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring and leveraging the talent they need in today’s tight job market,” writes Chad Jerdee, LCLD Member and General Counsel at Accenture.  Harvard Business Review
  • In addition to Accenture, LCLD Member corporations Microsoft, Bank of America, and T-Mobile are among those incorporating people with disabilities into their talent strategy.  Harvard Business Review 

4. 10 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm’s Succession Planning

Creating a succession plan provides an opportunity to evaluate critical systems within a law firm—including compensation practices, the leadership pipeline, and client relationships.  The American Lawyer   

5. LISTEN: Microsoft President Discusses the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

“[Facial recognition software] is the kind of technology that can do a lot of good for a lot of people, but it can be misused,” says Brad Smith, LCLD Immediate Past Chair and President of Microsoft. “It can be abused. It can be used in ways that lead to discrimination and bias.”  NPR 

6. The Working Woman’s Handbook

This guide is designed to women navigate important issues in the workplace like salary negotiation, impostor syndrome, burnout, and being a working mother.  The New York Times

7. Kirkland Hires Lawyer Turned Therapist to Lead New Wellness Effort

LCLD Member firm Kirkland & Ellis is hiring a firmwide director of well-being and rolling out two apps to promote mental health among its attorneys.  The American Lawyer