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1. How to Rally Your Team to Embrace Change

Harvard Business Review, 4/3/19

Leaders of diverse organizations need to embrace and implement change. Yet for change to be operationalized, you need to inspire your team to be creative and enable them to innovate. Here are five things to keep in mind.

2. 50 Years of Affirmative Action: What Went Right, and What It Got Wrong

The New York Times, 3/30/19

A look back through the decades shows what went right in the early years of affirmative action in college admissions, but also what can go wrong even with the best of intentions. Also from the NYT: A Timeline of Key Supreme Court Cases on Affirmative Action.

3. Five Traits Of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Above the Law, 4/2/19

What makes a good leader great? Many factors contribute, say behavioral experts, but a capacity for emotional intelligence is paramount. Here are five traits operational leaders can cultivate to raise their EQ.

4. Millennial Women See Sexism at Their Law Firms, Male Peers Don’t

Bloomberg Law, 4/4/19

Female millennial attorneys are far more likely to spot systemic sexism in their law firm workplaces than male attorneys of the same generation, according to a new survey.

5. Three Ways to Flip the Leadership Narrative and Boost Diversity at the Top

The Seattle Times, 4/9/19

Having diversity in leadership can impact how decisions are made and trickle down to the rest of the organization. Here are three ways to flip the narrative.

6. How to Run Meetings That Are Fair to Introverts, Women, and Remote Workers

Harvard Business Review, 4/29/16

As a leader, chances are you’re not actively silencing these voices — it’s more likely that hidden biases are at play. In this HBR article from 2016, corporate culture expert Renee Culligan explains how to make meetings more inclusive.

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