Compiled for the LCLD Board of Directors every Wednesday, this digest is designed to brief you on the latest headlines about LCLD Members and organizations, as well as thought-provoking articles on diversity in the legal profession, talent development, mentoring, and leadership. Past issues of the Digest are also archived on the LCLD web site.

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1. Make the Law look more like America 

Richmond Times Dispatch, 2/23/19

In an op-ed, LCLD president Robert Grey writes that LCLD’s programming is changing the face of the law and helping to create a legal profession that is as diverse as the nation it serves.

2. The Dalai Lama on Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless, and Compassionate

Harvard Business Review, 2/20/19

There are many ways to be a good leader, says the Dalai Lama, but what they all have in common is a "concern for the welfare of those they lead."

3. One in Five Americans Lives in a Diversity Bubble

The Atlantic, 2/21/19

According to a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic, a significant minority of Americans "seldom or never meet people of another race," and they prize sameness, not difference.

4. GCs and Crisis: It's Never Quite What You Planned For

Corporate Counsel, 2/22/19

Podcast host Caroline Spiezio of interviews veteran GCs, including Stasia Kelly of DLA Piper, former AIG general counsel and LCLD Board member, about the most intense and challenging moments of their careers.

5. Solving Law's Diversity Challenge: Data and Small Firms

Corporate Counsel, 2/26/19

The solution to Law’s diversity problem may not happen without a meaningful paradigm shift that involves in-house teams using data to inform their decision-making on outside counsel hiring.

6. Mentoring Someone with Imposter Syndrome

Harvard Business Review, 2/22/19

It’s hard to encourage someone’s talent, achievement, and creativity when it doesn’t jibe with the mentee’s self-perceptions of potential and performance. Here are several strategies for mentorship that can help.