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1. Some Big Law Firms Applaud as Clients Get Tougher on Diversity

The American Lawyer, 4/27/18

Client requests for diversity data doubled during the first quarter of 2018, according to Leslie Richards-Yellen, Director of Inclusion at LCLD Member firm Hogan Lovells; more clients are also asking for specifics, like how many hours diverse attorneys will log or what their role is on the team. 

2. Companies Push Diversity Goals for Outside Law Firms 

Bloomberg Law, 4/25/18

More than a third of legal departments hire outside counsel based on diversity, and the majority of legal operations executives are women, according to a recent survey from the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium. LCLD Member organizations GoogleStarbucks, and Northwestern Mutual also share their efforts to improve diversity internally and among outside counsel.  

3. Little Boy’s Reaction to a Target Ad Proves How Much Inclusion Matters 

“It was the first time I had seen his experience ‘normalized’ on such a large scale level… To see that they’re recognizing people of all abilities is a big deal,” said Jamie Sumner, whose son has cerebral palsy, of an ad at LCLD Member organization Target.

4. How Slack Got Ahead in Diversity 

The Atlantic, 4/26/18

Employees at Slack share how the tech company has achieved higher percentages of women and minorities, in both leadership and technical roles, than many other Silicon Valley companies—all without a chief diversity officer. 

5. Finally, a Definition of Workplace Inclusion That’s Truly Actionable

Quartz, 4/25/18

“Inclusion happens when people in power use that power to bring people in rather than keep people out,” says Amber Baldet, a blockchain expert and diversity advocate. 

6. How Managers Can Be Fair About Flexibility for Parents and Non-Parents Alike

Harvard Business Review, 4/27/18

Strong workplace flexibility policies—and a culture that supports them—can help an  organization avoid bias toward both parents and non-parents. 

7. Gender Pay Gap? Maybe Not in the Corner Office, Study Shows 

The New York Times, 4/23/18

A new study found that female CEOs make the same as their male counterparts; researchers speculate that parity exists for CEOs (and not other leadership roles) because of the role’s visibility.