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1. Diversity’s Paradigm Shift Makes for Better Law Firms

Daily Business Review, 11/15/17

“Diversity in a group can create discomfort emanating from issues of trust, lack of communication and feelings of disrespect,” writes Amanda McGovern, 2017 Fellow and Partner at Rivero Mestre. “But that friction yields strength and power; swords are forged by hammer, fire and persistence.”

2. Achieving Diversity is a Marathon, and You Need a Training Plan

LinkedIn, 11/21/17

LCLD Member firm Fish & Richardson, P.C. believes strongly that it won’t improve diversity without measuring progress—and that’s exactly what they’ve begun to do, writes Ahmed Davis, National Chair of Diversity at Fish & Richardson, P.C.

3. I Don’t Need to Show You My Receipts

Medium, 11/19/17

“When a board or organization is truly committed to inclusiveness, it will take steps to ensure there is a critical mass or influential number of diverse perspectives represented,” writes lawyer Neeti Pawar. “That often means others who are accustomed to being at the table may need to take a back seat.” 

4. The Hidden Costs of Conformity

Precedent, 11/27/17

“The reality for many women, diverse professionals, and others who are different (whatever those differences are) is that they’ll likely perform at work in many areas, they’ll adapt in others, and they’ll be authentic in just a few, if any,” writes Ritu Bhasin, LCLD faculty member. 

5. Top U.S. Companies for Diversity

U.S.A Today, 11/29/17

LCLD Member organizations Adobe, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Toys“R”Us are among the top 25 companies for diversity, based on compensation and workplace culture.