Compiled for the LCLD Board of Directors every Wednesday, this digest is designed to brief you on the latest headlines about LCLD Members and organizations, as well as thought-provoking articles on diversity in the legal profession, talent development, mentoring, and leadership. Past issues of the Digest are also archived on the LCLD web site.

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1. Big Law Business Diversity Symposium Recap

Bloomberg Big Law Business, 5/11/17

Brian Brooks, LCLD Member and General Counsel at Fannie Mae, and Meredith Fuchs, LCLD Diversity Professional at Capital One, share the diversity strategies that have been successful at their organizations. 

2. LCLD Diversity Pros Answer the Call to Action

LCLD Communications, 5/17/17

Diversity professionals from 67 LCLD Member organizations gathered for a two-day, action-oriented program aimed at finding solutions to some of the biggest diversity challenges facing the legal profession.

3. Rx for Fellows: The Eli Lilly Company Learning Experience

LCLD Communications, 5/15/17

The first Learning Experience of 2017 kicked off with 30 LCLD Fellows visiting the Indianapolis headquarters of Eli Lilly & Co.  

4. New Deloitte Research Identifies Keys to Creating Fair and Inclusive Organizations

PR Newswire, 5/10/17

“Organizations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative, six times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively, and twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets,” according to a study of 245 global companies.  

5. ABA Launches Nationwide Study to Expand Opportunities for Disabled, LGBT+ Lawyers

ABA News, 5/10/17

The American Bar Association hopes the study will “identify the biases encountered by LGBT+ and/or disabled lawyers in the legal profession and help develop and implement strategies to ameliorate such biases.” 

6. Lawsuit Presses the Issue of Lower Pay for Female Law Partners

The New York Times, 5/7/17

“A number of female lawyers are now arguing that the legal profession has had ample time to get used to women in its ranks and needs to be held accountable, either in court or in mediation or arbitration.”