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1. PayPal’s Top Lawyer on How to ‘Earn a Seat at the Table’

Bloomberg Law, 4/17/17

Louise Pentland, LCLD Member and Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer at PayPal, shares her perspective on the role of in-house legal teams, outside counsel, pro bono, diversity, and more. 

2. Brief But Spectacular: Bryan Stevenson on Justice in America

PBS News Hour, 4/18/17

“I think we are burdened by our history of racial inequality,” says Bryan Stevenson, lawyer and Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. “And I think that narrative of racial difference that was cultivated to justify that mistreatment has created a kind of smog, and we have all been breathing it in.” 

3. How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It

Harvard Business Review, 4/12/17

“Women are 1.4 times more likely to receive critical subjective feedback (as opposed to either positive feedback or critical objective feedback),” writes Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio at the Center for the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School.  

4. Rooney Rule Will Forever Associate Dan Rooney with the Highest Ideals

EPSN, 4/13/17

The legacy of Dan Rooney, Chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers, shows that one leader willing to stand up for diversity can have an organization-wide impact.

5. ‘Model Minority’ Myth Again Used as a Racial Wedge Between Asians and Blacks

NPR Code Switch, 4/19/17

“Since the end of World War II, many white people have used Asian Americans and their perceived collective success as a racial wedge. The effect? Minimizing the role racism plays in the persistent struggles of other racial/ethnic minority groups.” 

6. Mentor People Who Aren’t Like You

Harvard Business Review, 4/17/17

“Even those who believe that diversity improves creativity, problem solving, and decision making naturally invest in and advocate for the development of the subordinates who are most like them.”