A record number of LCLD Pathfinders—147 diverse attorneys from 97 LCLD member law firms and corporations—will attend intensive, two-day trainings at LCLD member corporations in April. One meeting will be hosted by Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, CA; the other by Harley-Davidson, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI. 

The Pathfinder Program, which served 112 attorneys in 2016 and 40 attorneys in its 2015 pilot year, trains early-career attorneys in vital professional strategies including leadership and the building of relationships and networks. Participants learn from experts on leadership and career development, as well as from executives at the hosting corporations including their general counsel.

“We believe that a diverse workforce is key to building an innovative company that reflects our global customer base,” said Mike Dillon (right), Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Adobe. “The Pathfinder Program shares our values on cultivating diversity among legal professionals. We are honored to host the incoming class of Pathfinders at Adobe this year and contribute to their professional development and networking opportunities.”

“Here at Harley-Davidson, we’re proud to support LCLD’s mission to build a more diverse and inclusive legal profession,” said Paul Jones (below), Chief Legal Officer of the Wisconsin-based company. “We’re also excited to host the Pathfinder Program, which focuses on setting attorneys up for success in their careers.”

Pathfinder was designed to serve diverse "junior associates or lawyers who are new to corporate law departments—a population of lawyers who suffer very high attrition," said Greg Jordan, General Counsel of PNC Financial Services Group and a former LCLD board member. Since witnessing the value of the program to PNC’s first Pathfinder in 2015, Jordan has selected attorneys from PNC to participate every year since then.

"The curriculum for this program has been very carefully designed to accommodate early-career lawyers from both in-house legal departments and law firms," said Lori Lorenzo, LCLD Program Director. "While recognizing the leadership training and professional development needs that both groups share, the Pathfinder Program also focuses on the disparate needs of the two groups in breakout training sessions."

“All of that comes together for the member organizations, both corporations and law firms, in a more confident, more assertive, more leadership-oriented young lawyer."

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