The two largest classes of LCLD Fellows in history, including the 250 diverse attorneys tapped for 2017, convened in San Diego in early March for a packed agenda emphasizing leadership skills, professional development, and relationship building. On Saturday, both classes heard advice from Rick Palmore, Founder of LCLD, in an on-stage Language of Leadership conversation with LCLD president Robert Grey.

The Class of 2017 joins the classes of 2011 through 2016 as participants in one of most comprehensive legal talent development programs in the country.

“Our Fellows program is a unique learning experience designed to empower a new generation of lawyers,” said Laura Stein, LCLD Chair and Executive Vice President—General Counsel & Corporate Affairs of The Clorox Company. “These talented individuals have been singled out for leadership by their organizations, and represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds as diverse as the country they serve.”

The Fellows Program was developed by the LCLD Board of Directors, launched in March, 2011, and has grown in size and complexity every year.

Over the course of the year-long program, participants will be challenged to improve their professional brand, build relationships that enhance professional development, participate in corporate learning experiences, and sharpen stewardship and leadership skills.

“Already recognized as high achievers within their own organizations, the Fellows will experience a year of multifaceted professional development,” said Robert Grey, President of LCLD.

“Our Fellows program is unique in the nation, as it focuses on equipping participants with the advanced skills they need to play larger and more responsible roles in our Member organizations.”

Upon completion of their Fellows year, the class of 2017 will become part of a community of more than 1,000 Fellows Alumni who mentor younger diverse attorneys, continue their own career training, and maintain a dynamic national network.

“We’re lucky to have an extraordinarily focused and committed membership, and the Fellows invariably reflect that,” said Grey. “All of us are eager for results and will persist until we see real changes in the makeup of the leadership of the profession.”

Meeting Agendas and Photos

To view the full agenda and photos from the 2017 Fellows First Meeting, please click here. To view the full agenda and photos from the 2016 Fellows Third Meeting, please click here.

For more questions about the Fellows program, contact Nichole Velasquez, Fellows Program Manager, or Program Director Lori Lorenzo.


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