The LCLD Members shown in the video slideshow above were recognized as Top Performers for 2016 at LCLD's Seventh Annual Membership Meeting.

In 2016, 41 LCLD Member organizations went above and beyond to participate in LCLD and support its mission of creating a more inclusive legal profession.

All 41 organizations nominated 2016 Fellows, and almost all hosted 1L Scholars and participated in the Success in Law School Mentoring Program. These Top Performers also proved their investment in LCLD’s continued growth by hosting Compass Conversations or selecting 2016 Pathfinders, two of LCLD’s newest action items.

Individual Members also displayed a personal commitment to LCLD’s mission, by serving on the LCLD Board of Directors, assisting with LCLD pilot initiatives, or recruiting new LCLD Members.

The bar LCLD sets for its Top Performers is raised every year, and yet the number of Member organizations that meet it keeps growing. This year, seven organizations received scores that were higher than last year’s top score.

We applaud these and all of our Members for their commitment to improving diversity in the legal profession. Their actions are having a direct impact on the lives and careers of the future leaders of our profession. 

For information on becoming engaged with LCLD, contact Jennifer Denton, LCLD Member & Operations Director.