The 2016 Fellows Alumni Survey will be open to Fellows in classes 2011 through 2015 until August 5, 2016. This annual survey helps LCLD evaluate the success of the Fellows and Fellows Alumni programs, as well as LCLD's impact on Alumni's life and work. In order for LCLD to get the best data and make effective decisions, it is essential that all Fellows Alumni participate in the survey, which was sent to you in a recent email. For those who missed that message, please contact Caitlin Puffenberger.

To take the Fellows Alumni Survey, email Caitlin Puffenberger

The results of last year's survey have helped guide the development of current and future LCLD programs. With help of Robert Nelson, Director of the American Bar Foundation, we analyzed the data and drew the following conclusions:

  • There is no evidence of social isolation among the Fellows along dimensions of ascribed status (race, gender, sexual orientation).
  • Almost half (44%) of the Fellows have referred work to other Fellows.
  • Nearly half (47%) of the Fellows reported that participation in the Fellows Program has increased their exposure to top management within their organizations.
  • The majority (90%) of Fellows report that LCLD has been valuable in enhancing their relationships with leaders in their organizations.

For more data from the Fellows Alumni Survey and LCLD's other program surveys, see the 2015 Annual Impact Report.