In the November 2015 issue of PD Quarterly magazine, LCLD Program Director Lori Lorenzo and LCLD Board Member Mark Roellig, general counsel of MassMutual Financial Group, describe the unique skills required of an in-house lawyer, and offer new and improved ways of training the next generation of in-house attorneys.

Their article begins:

"Today’s general counsel position and related in-house legal positions are coveted roles within the legal profession. Often the most competitive candidates for these in-house roles come from the nation’s largest law firms, and often these lawyers come from the most prestigious law schools. There is a common assumption that academic credentials, in combination with the exceptional training a large law firm offers, produces a lawyer well-suited to the demands of in-house practice. Notwithstanding the argument that the most competitive candidates for in-house positions are well-educated and well-trained, it is a mistake to think that these markers of success for private practice lawyers necessarily translate into success for in-house lawyers. In fact, most lawyers in private practice are most certainly not well trained for the specific demands of an in-house legal career, which requires notably different skills . . . ."

To read more of the article, see the attached document below, courtesy of PD Quarterly magazine.


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