The video slideshow above features LCLD’s most active Member organizations in 2015.

The Members featured above found many ways to support the LCLD mission in 2015. All the Members nominated a Fellow, and nearly all hosted a 1L Scholar, supplied mentors to the Success in Law School Mentoring Program, and attended the Annual Meeting.

Many top performing Members attended the 2015 Leadership Summit, where they helped develop potential pilot programs, or spoke at a Fellows meeting or the 1L Scholars Summit. This year, Members also received recognition for recruiting new Members, helping work toward a goal set by LCLD's Board of Directors. 

The top organizations also supported our programs in other ways: 23 sent Fellows to the 2015 Alumni Conference, 14 supplied City Leads for the Mentoring Program, and seven hosted Leadership Lunches. Top performers Kurtis Tunnell and Patricia Hatler also co-hosted the second Leadership Lunch Plus, a new type of Fellows event.  

We celebrate the contributions of these and all our Members, whose participation in our programs is having a significant impact on the lives of many talented individuals and driving change in the legal profession. If you would like to take a more active role in LCLD in the coming year, take a look at participation opportunities for individuals and organizations