More than 200 mid-career attorneys have been selected by their Member organizations to join the LCLD Fellows program in 2015. This is the largest class of Fellows in the program’s five-year history. 

The 2015 Fellows met for the first time from March 6-8 in New Orleans, where they shared meeting space, and several working sessions, with the outgoing Fellows class of 2014.

“The LCLD Fellows program is becoming recognized across the country as an extraordinarily effective way to develop talent,” said Brad Smith, LCLD Chair and Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Microsoft Corporation. “Along the way, the Fellows themselves are building a powerful, connected community of rising leaders in the legal profession.”

Deborah Majoras (Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Procter & Gamble) and Gary Sasso (President and CEO, Carlton Fields Jorden Burt) provide guidance to the Fellows program in their capacity as LCLD Board members.

As reported by New Orleans City Business, the LCLD Fellows Program is "starting to have an impact" to improve the legal profession's "historically low statistics" on diversity and inclusion. The paper quoted LCLD Program Director Lori Lorenzo on the value of bringing Fellows together with LCLD Members: "Giving the Fellows an opportunity to interact with top leadership gives them better direction and understanding of how to ultimately become general counsel or managing partners themselves."

At the end of their fellowship year, the Fellows join a dynamic network of nearly 800 Fellows Alumni across the country to continue building professional skills and expanding their horizons. Participants in the Fellows program experience an ambitious year of professional development – building relationships, sharpening leadership skills, and burnishing their “personal brands.”

For more information about the LCLD Fellows Program, contact Program Manager Nichole Velasquez.

2015 Fellows First Meeting Photo Gallery