The video slideshow above features LCLD's most active Member organizations in 2014, the corporations and law firms whose participation in LCLD programs is not only enhancing the lives of talented individuals—but is making a significant, and historic, impact on the legal profession.

The Members profiled above found many ways to support the LCLD mission in 2014. All of them nominated a Fellow (which many LCLD organizations have come to regard as a necessity), and nearly all hosted at least one 1L Scholar, observed the webinar, supplied mentors to our Law School Mentoring program, and attended the Annual Members Meeting. 

Yet these most active Members also found other ways to contribute.

Twenty one of them sent their Fellows Alumni to the annual Conference (which 10 of them also sponsored). Fourteen volunteered to speak at a Fellows meeting. Eleven provided City Leads for the Mentoring program; ten hosted a Leadership Lunch; and three of our most active corporate Members (Altria, General Mills, and UnitedHealth Group) hosted the Fellows for a day-long Learning Experience, like the one hosted by Altria General Counsel Denise Keane, below, in October.

Nearly all of the most active Members were invited to, and attended, the first annual Leadership Summit. And many of them, including Denise, also serve on our Board of Directors.

As LCLD enters its sixth year, we celebrate the Members, including those not on this list, who are doing so much to move the profession forward—and we invite you to join them in taking a more active role in LCLD in 2015.

To make it easy for you, we've outlined the opportunities for both individuals and organizations in the Members section of the website. If you have any questions, please contact LCLD president Robert Grey or Jennifer Denton

As always, we appreciate your personal commitment to the mission of LCLD and its credo:

Leadership, Action, and Results.