Welcome to the LCLD Connections newsletter! This newsletter is primarily for attorney Mentors and student Mentees participating in the LCLD Success in Law School Mentoring Program but is also aimed at keeping others affiliated with the program up to date on activities and resources. As always, we welcome your feedback!

 -Louise Bald, Pipeline Program Manager


In This Issue:

  • Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) Launch, Fall 2013
  • More Mentors Needed in Select Cities
  • New Year's Checklist for Law Students - Guest Column
  • Group Mentoring Program (GMP) Photo Submission Contest
  • 1L LCLD Scholars Program - Consider Applying!
  • Important Resources for Mentors and Mentees
  • Articles of Interest
  • New Contact Information?


Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) Launch, Fall 2013

As we come to the close of the matching portion of the 2013-14 LCLD Success in Law School Mentoring Program, we're excited that it's our largest group of Mentors and Mentees yet! Here are the current stats:

  • 34 cities overall
  • 32 cities have "launched" the program with students
  • 2 cities did not launch
  • 1037 Mentor attorneys
  • 834 Mentors and Mentees matched 

If you HAVE been matched with a student Mentee, we hope you have made contact via phone/email to schedule an initial meeting. If you have yet to connect, please do so as soon as possible. If you've attempted to contact your Mentor/Mentee two or more times and have received no response, please email Louise Bald for assistance.

If you HAVE NOT been matched with a student Mentee, there simply have not been enough student registrations to match all attorney Mentors.  LCLD is working to re-advertise the program to students at local law schools in the hopes of finding a student Mentee for all attorney Mentors. For information about when your city launched, please visit the LCLD website.

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More Mentors Needed in Select Cities

As a testament to the success of the LCLD Individual Mentoring Program (IMP), we've had more students register for the program in select cities than we have available Mentor attorneys. The cities where there is a need for additional Mentor attorneys include:

  • Atlanta, GA (2)
  • Baltimore, MD (1)
  • Boston, MA (5)
  • Charlotte, NC (2)
  • Houston, TX (3)
  • Lexington, KY (1)
  • Los Angeles, CA (2)
  • Northern New Jersey (3)
  • Orange County, CA (6)
  • Philadelphia, PA (6)
  • San Diego, CA (1)
  • San Francisco, CA (10)
  • Seattle, WA (9)
  • Silicon Valley, CA (1)
  • Washington, DC (47)

If you have colleagues in the cities listed above who may be interested in the program, please have them contact Louise Bald or visit the LCLD Attorney Enrollment page to register.

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New Year's Checklist for Law Students - Guest Column

By Scott Willoughby, Senior Corporate Counsel, The Clorox Company

Happy 2014!  I hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday season, enjoying the time with friends and family away from the stress of studying and exams.   But the new year is here in full force, and it's time to kick your educational and career development efforts into second gear.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Continue Focus on Grades
  2. Aggressively Seek Out Summer Opportunities
  3. Network, Network
  4. Brush Up Your Personal Recruiting Toolkit

Click here to read more about each checklist item.

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Group Mentoring Program (GMP) Photo Submission Contest

The Group Mentoring Program (GMP) is an initiative intended to allow diverse 1L, 2L, and 3L students the opportunity to receive advice and support from successful attorneys representing LCLD Member organizations. GMP events are designed to provide guidance from experienced attorneys in an informal, interactive, and collegial setting. Information on GMP events can be found here.  We anticipate several GMP events during the spring of 2014, so please check back as new dates are added.

We are hosting a photo submission contest for those attending GMP events this spring. The contest will run from February 1st through June 30th, with one winner selected monthly. Announced in the Connections newsletter, winners will receive a $50 gift card to Starbucks.

To submit your photo(s) from a GMP, please email to Louise Bald.

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1L LCLD Scholars Program - Consider Applying!

LCLD wants to bring to your attention another opportunity available to 1Ls - the 1L LCLD Scholars Program. The 1L Scholars Program is designed to strengthen the legal pipeline by expanding the number of opportunities for diverse first-year law students. More specifically, the 1L Scholars Program provides students with an opportunity to work for LCLD Member organizations during the summer after 1L year. In some cases, Scholars have the opportunity to work for both a law firm and a corporate in-house legal department.

This experience provides to Scholars an opportunity to (1) do work that requires the practical application of skills learned during the first year of law school, (2) network with attorneys and other law students, and (3) gain valuable experience to build on as you progress in your law school career.  A more detailed description of the 1L LCLD Scholars Program, eligibility requirements, application process, and a listing of the 2014 participating organizations can be found here.

Should you have questions about the 1L LCLD Scholars Program, please contact Louise Bald.

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Important Resources for Mentors and Mentees

This section was included in previous issues of the Connections newsletter but because there are now many more Mentors and Mentees participating in the program, we thought including it again in the January issue might be helpful.

LCLD Mentoring Toolkit

The LCLD Mentoring Toolkit was designed to provide a basic roadmap for the work that Mentors and Mentees do together over the course of their relationship. From guiding principles to setting goals for your work together, we think these tools can help tremendously to make your relationship a successful one. For more information, visit the LCLD Mentoring Toolkit.

12 Months of Diversity & Inclusion Opportunities

LCLD would like to ensure that all student Mentees have access to as much information as possible with respect to opportunities in the law, and as a result, we are making available a resource called 12 Months of Diversity & Inclusion Opportunities. Note that the opportunities listed in this resource are organized by the month in which the application is due. Please be sure to review opportunities well in advance of deadlines to ensure that you have time to submit a competitive application. To download this listing of opportunities, please click here. For specific questions about individual opportunities, please contact the organization associated with each listing.

LCLD Website

Often times individual sections of the LCLD website are highlighted to bring attention to certain programs or resources. What is often overlooked is the broad spectrum of activities in which LCLD is involved. With that in mind, we simply encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the whole website! You can find more information about who is a Member of LCLD, what other programs are available to students, and upcoming events that may be in your city. We think you'll like what you find at www.lcldnet.com!

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Articles of Interest

The articles below may be of interest to both Mentors and Mentees. If you find articles about the mentoring experience that you think may be of interest to others, please forward them to Louise Bald for inclusion in upcoming newsletters.

2013 What's Hot and What's Not in the Legal Profession
By Bob Denney, President, Robert Denney Associates, Inc.
Attorney at Work, December 3, 2013

Prudential Internship Program
National LGBT Bar Association
2014 1L Summer Internship Program
Prudential Financial, Inc.

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New Contact Information?

With several thousand individuals now involved in the mentoring program, LCLD must constantly work to keep Mentor and Mentee contact information up-to-date. If you have updates to your contact information, especially an email address, please send it to LCLDMentoring@lcldnet.com. Likewise, for Mentors, if you're planning a move to a new firm or corporate law department, please let us know so that we are able to keep you informed after your move!

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