A committee of LCLD Fellows has been busy over the last several months planning the Third Annual LCLD Fellows Alumni Retreat in Miami, Florida. The retreat will take place May 15-18, 2014 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. With more than 430 Fellows Alumni, the committee anticipates that one-third of the alumni, plus their significant others, will attend. The retreat will bring together the Fellows classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013 in one central location to network and learn from proven leaders that will speak to the group.

Last year’s retreat in San Francisco included an inspirational speech from Congresswoman Jackie Speier, a live interview of John Chen, former CEO of Sybase and current Board Member of Wells Fargo & Company, and an interview with Bill Neukom, former Managing General Partner of the San Francisco Giants. The retreat also included several networking opportunities and strategic planning sessions on how Fellows will continue to be a part of LCLD's growth and development.

This year's retreat hopes to exceed the high standards of last year's retreat. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a community service event, gain insight from a panel of General Counsel from a local professional sports team, and network with Fellows through small group activities and practice group breakout sessions.

While tourism has always been important, Miami, known as the "Magic City,” is truly an international city that has more than 100 international consulates, trade offices, and bi-national chambers of commerce. Today, a variety of sectors are building on years of success and experiencing rapid expansion, including life sciences, information technology, and telecommunications.

Fellows should be on the lookout for additional details and registration information regarding the Third Annual LCLD Fellows Alumni Retreat. For questions, please email Corey Lee, 2012 Fellow, or Courtney Nolde, LCLD Program Manager.