Welcome to the LCLD Connections Newsletter! The newsletter is for all attorney mentors and student mentees participating the LCLD Law School Mentoring Program. In it, we share important program updates and highlights.

The fact that it's November means that the LCLD Law School Mentoring Program is now in full swing. Close to 450 attorneys and students have been matched in cities around the country, but more importantly, they've begun to meet together and share their experiences. LCLD is very excited to have all of you, mentors and mentees, involved in the Law School Mentoring Program.

 -Sarah Wintle, Pipeline Programs Manager


Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) Launch, Fall 2012

The 2012 LCLD Law School Mentoring Program launched in September - here are the current stats:

  • 31 cities overall
  • 21 cities have 'launched' the program with students
  • 2 cities set to launch in late November/early December
  • 8 cities launch date TBD  
  • 797 mentor attorneys
  • 445 mentors and mentees matched 

If you HAVE been matched with a student mentee, we hope you have already made contact via phone/email to schedule an initial meeting. If you have yet to connect, please do so as soon as possible - students will soon be very busy with exams and may not have availability. If you've attempted to contact your mentee two or more times and have received no response, please email Sarah Wintle for assistance.

If you HAVE NOT been matched with a student mentee, there are two possible reasons. Several cities have yet to identify a launch date for students. Once a date is identified, students will begin registering on the LCLD website and matching will begin. The other possible reason that you may not have been matched is related to the number of students that have registered. In several cities that have already launched registration, there simply have not been enough student registrations to match all attorney mentors. In that case, LCLD is working to re-advertise the program to students at local law schools in the hopes of finding a student mentee for all attorney mentors. For information about when your city launched or when it will launch with students, please visit theLCLD website.


More Attorney Mentors Needed in Select Cities

As a testament to the success of the LCLD Individual Mentoring Program (IMP), we've had many more students register for the program in select cities than we have available mentor attorneys. The cities where there is a need for additional mentor attorneys include:

  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Kansas City, MO
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington, DC

If you have colleagues in the cities listed above who may be interested in the program, please have them contact Sarah Wintle or visit the LCLD Attorney Enrollment page to register.


Tip of the Month

Are you having trouble determining what topics to discuss with your mentor/mentee? Here are a few suggestions!

  • Academic Success
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Support Systems
  • Career Planning
  • Strengths & Skills
  • Writing & Analytical Skills
  • Networking & Relationship Building   

LCLD 'Mentoring Tool-kit' Resources

In an effort to help guide mentors and mentees through their working relationship, LCLD is providing a number of mentoring resources. These resources may prove useful to both new mentors and mentees, as well as those who were matched in winter 2012.

Items in the Tool-kit include 'Mentoring Principles' which provides important information about the commitment required for participation in the program. The 'Planning Template' is a very useful tool for mentors and mentees to fill out together to begin to set expectations for their mentor relationship. And finally, the 'Tips for Mentors and Mentees' and the 'Monthly Topics for 1Ls and 2Ls' may help to provide some general guidance for mentors and mentees now and moving forward.

I encourage all mentors and mentees to visit the 'Mentoring Tool-kit' in advance of their first meeting and throughout their work together. The guidance provided in these documents may go a long way in providing the structure required for a lasting mentoring relationship.  Click here to view the 'Mentoring Tool-kit'.


Group Mentoring Program (GMP) Update

Since August, Group Mentoring Program (GMP) events have taken place in ten cities around the country. GMP events are an opportunity for 1L, 2L, and 3L students to hear insights from experienced and successful lawyers from some of the country's finest companies and law firms. The GMP sessions are designed to provide guidance in an informal, interactive and collegial setting to support students' success in law school. 

GMP event topics have included practice area choice, networking, resume building, and exam-taking and stress management.

Here are a few photos from events this fall:

Indianapolis on 10/16/12

Indy Fall 2012, Nov Connections  

Houston on 9/26/12

Houston fall 2012, November Connections 

Houston Fall 2012, November Connections 

Houston Fall 2012, November Connections 


Mentor/Mentee 'Spotlight & Testimonials

LCLD would like to profile mentor/mentee matches in upcoming newsletters, but to do that we need your help. If you are a mentor or mentee and feel that your relationship is particularly successful or unique, please contact Sarah Wintle to share your story. No content will be published in a newsletter without the consent of both the mentor and mentee.

Similarly, if you simply have feedback or a testimonial for LCLD about your experience thus far, we'd very much like to hear it.  Good, bad, or otherwise - feedback can only help us improve the program moving forward.   


Problems Connecting with your Mentor/Mentee?

If you are having problems making contact with your mentor or mentee, LCLD wants to know. We are committed to providing a quality experience to all of our mentors and mentees and want to make sure that all participants are corresponding regularly. If you are having issues connecting with your mentor or mentee, please email Sarah Wintle.


New Contact Information?

With several thousand individuals now involved in the mentoring program, LCLD must constantly work to keep mentor and mentee contact information up-to-date. If you have updates to your contact information, especially an email address, please send it to Sarah Wintle. Likewise, for mentors, if you're planninga move to a new firm or corporate law department, please let us know so that we are able to keep you informed after your move!